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Infused with the love and the sweet love of the rose that's from our own Aphrodite's. To help bring love to your relationship or yourself. A beautiful blend of rose, this sweet herbs and the intentions that I set and reiki infused are designed to help your spell or ritual.

I believe botanicals hold a sacred essence inside them and when combined with candles you have something beyond magical. You're unlocking their secrets and yours and sending in into the universe through rituals, putting your intentions into the air with the elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Spirit.

Each candle is put together with the help of the universe, each Candle has had a rolled into the sacred herbs to become a powerful tool for you to use in your rituals.

You hold the power I just give you the tools and theses candles are designed for a select ritual in what you need.

Each candle is beeswax with a vegetable based dye and rolled into herbs, you will receive 4 wish candles

Aphrodite's Kiss Ritual Candles


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