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Incense of Astaroth contains white copal, brown damar gum, Athenite rose resin, mugwort, angelica root, Egyptian rose petals, red sandalwood, and saffron, with essential oils of jasmine and rose.


Astaroth, the 29th daemon of the Goetia, has held an energetic presence since the beginning.
In the Goetia, He is a mighty and hurtful angel riding upon an infernal dragon, carrying a viper In his right hand. Solomon goes on to warn the conjurer not to get too close or Astaroth’s breath will cause great damage. A magical ring of silver pressed against the cheek will protect against this. Astaroth will tell of the past, present, and future, and will reveal all things occult or secret. He will explain to the conjurer how and why the spirits fell, himself included. Astaroth teaches liberal sciences and rules 40 legions of spirits.
Astaroth is both angel and demon, male and female. The majority of the time Astaroth will manifest as female.
Astaroth over time has been called many names by many peoples. To the Sumerians she was Inanna, to the Babylonians, Ishtar. In Canaan she was known as Astarte and to the Egyptians as Isis. To the Greek she was Aphrodite; to the Assyrians and Akkadians, she was Ashtoreth, and to the Hindus as Kali. Throughout time she has been regarded as the mother goddess, the queen of heaven, and both giver and taker of life.
Now she is known as the crowned princess of Hell.
She can be found on the Qlippothic tree of death in the shell Gha’agsheblah which means “the disturbing ones”.
Astaroth rules the planets Venus and Jupiter and the element of Earth.
Astaroth represents luxury.
Call upon her for divination, protection, wisdom, to make powerful people into allies, in works of purity, love, or sleep, and the gift of prophecy.

Astaroth Incense


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