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This soap is thick, and sweet, with a spicy & fruity scent. The spicy clove scent is balanced by the sweet orange aroma. It also reminds me of that Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings. The tea leaf works as an exfoliate removing dirt, oil, and dead skin.

Dusted in Gold Vegan Mica!!!
Clove and sweet orange oil have been known to promote a feeling of peace and reduce stress.

This soap is not only smelly good, but it is also magical!


Finding it hard to gather your thoughts? Are your feet sore and your stomach shaky? Maybe you have a headache or just feel like crawling into a ball. Anxiety and stress can be hard to handle. Especially, during recent times. Calm your worries, relax your mind and body with this magical soap.

110 g


Ingredients: Water, Rice bran oil,
Coconut oil, Shea butter, Lye, Jojoba oil,
Sweet Orange oil, Clove oil, and Tea Leaf.


Please keep in mind our soap is handmade. Size, shape, and color may vary.
Bars may vary in size, shape, weight, and look. Please understand, we are always finding ways to improve our product. Look at photos to see the differences you might notice.

AVALON | Sweet Orange - Cinammon


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