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The Beltane Spell Box 2024


This box is packed with products to help you celebrate for Beltane, the fire festival, which falls on May 1st 2024!


The box includes the following:



đŸ”„ A Big Beltane candle with Crystals Carnelian, Rose Quartz, herbs and Charm. Scent: Jasmine and Lilac


đŸ”„ Beltane Ritual Oil (30ml glass bottle)

A many purposed ritual oil for dressing candles, ritual objects, and self. Blessed with the charm of the Beltane Fae and the intent of fertility in its many forms. Add a few drops to your ritual workings to invite in the power of Beltane. A blend lovingly witchcrafted with organic essential oils and organic botanicals of Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Lavender, Calendula, Hibiscus, Elderflower, Carnelian, and Rose Quartz.


đŸ”„ Beltane Ritual Incense


đŸ”„ Ritual Spell


đŸ”„ Beltane Tea (100g bag)


đŸ”„(3) Chime candles for spell work (yellow, light green, orange).


đŸ”„ A set of (4) crystals: Aragonite, Citrine, Sun Stone and Carnelian.


đŸ”„ A package of Erotic incense sticks.


đŸ”„ A box of red rose incense cones.


đŸ”„ Handmade Beltane Witches Bell! All 100% crafted by hand, each witches bell contains rainbow ribbons, 3 bronze bells with wood beads and a bronze pentagram charm dangling from the grapevine centre.


đŸ”„ A box of 10 coloured ribbon approximately 12" long to tie onto a tree, bush or decorate with for Beltane. Comes with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, pink, red.


đŸ”„ A scroll with a small ritual on how to use the ribbons to honour Beltane.


đŸ”„ Recipe for chocolate


đŸ”„ Wax melts Beltane



Beltane is the third major sabbath in the pagan year but is considered, by many, to be the biggest pagan celebration. It is commonly held on 1st of May but it falls differently each year since the date is calculated using the time when the Sun is at 15° Taurus. This is because Beltane is at the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice.


On Beltane we celebrate diversity and abundance in all its forms. We talk to different people with different opinions and celebrate ALL religions because they are all coming together on this day. At this time we exceed our differences and accept them as a blessing, we rejoin in love toward each other.We celebrate the sexual energy and the fertility in plant, animal, and human world. We celebrate everything we touch, see, hear, taste or smell. We celebrate male and female, young and old, familiar and unknown.



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