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These charming, luxury wax melts are highly fragranced and made from sustainable soy wax with a rose and sweet jam scent.

They are cast from a unique mould, hand sculpted by me, before being beautifully presented in a sustainable black gift box complete with a wax melt care card 🤍


These wax melts are designed to be used in your wax burner, however they also look amazing on display and can subtly fragrance a room before even being melted!

This box contains 8 rose shaped wax melts of varying sizes, weighing 46g in total.


- Individually made by hand from a hand sculpted mould

- Crafted from certified pure, sustainable soy wax- 100% plastic free packaging

- Made in the GREECE

- Phthalate and Paraben free

- Always made in small batches

- 100% cruelty free and vegan


The whole process of crafting these melts is done by me by hand in my home studio. From sculpting and casting the moulds, to pouring the melts and packing them safely in a gift box, ready to be shipped to you 🤍


The melts are always made in very small batches to ensure everything is perfect and to help minimise waste!

I carefully select all ingredients and materials used in these melts and their packaging, to ensure they are from a certified sustainable and ethical source and are 100% cruelty free and vegan.

I source all materials from GR suppliers to help minimise our carbon footprint.



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