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•These days, dreams have become so underrated, dwindled down to a mundane and common thing that people just do.

This was not always the case.


Temples and dream halls were a fairly common thing in ancient cultures.


An entire preparation of oneself before sleep to obtain knowledge and insights from this multidimensional space was set in place.


We used to have a firm grasp on the importance of dreaming and how it guided us to become one with our true self through intense introspect interpretations.

• Dreams allow us the opportunity to dive into the unknown without physical fear, they present us with experiences and scenes to guide us through what our mind needs to release, and also learn ways to assist us in our waking state.

For many of us, reaching a peaceful state of sleep can be a challenge these days. We have so much to think about and process that often this creeps into our ability to fully relax and enjoy a truly slumberous state.

In this state, our dreams can be the most profound, offering insights that can help us with questions that we have already asked or one’s that we will be asking in the future, they can connect you to the collective consciousness and to past loved ones.

• Dreams Pillow has been created with beautiful handmade Linen sachets to capture the herbs, yet still allow for their aroma to entice your senses.

Herbs that enchant the mind with their precise skill to hon in on deepest parts of ourselves that even we may not recognize.

Witchcrafted with Organic herbs of Lavender, Mugwort, Yarrow, Chamomile and Hops.

An Amethyst crystal also dwells within your Dream Pillow, lending you the ease with recalling your dreams and offering you deeper spiritual insights to the things that you may witness while in the realm of dreams.

A few tips for dreaming and working with your dream pillow.

~Before you ready yourself for sleep, give your dream pillow a good squeeze and inhale deeply 6 times the scent that it gives.

Allowing the energy of the herbs weave their way into your senses.

You can place your soft dream pillow under your regular pillow so that you can periodically catch the scent as you sleep.

~Our dreams that occur in the early morning hours have been noted to be the most profound and prophetic, in the dream state: messages, lessons and warning present themselves in very coded and not so coded ways, so having a journal nearby is essential for deciphering them at a later time.


I like to set my alarm about an hour earlier than I am to wake up, this allows for very short visual dreams to work their magick and help me see what needs to be seen.

Your dream pillow fragrance will last you many years to come, you only need squeeze it a few times to get the aromatic properties of the herbs to release their scent.

Dream Pillow


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