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This malefic work is usually known in our world as a return to sender ritual or send back a curse spell.

You name it.


It's good if you enjoy serving your revenge cold and move in silence, with a sense of empowerment.

One of the biggest mistakes in black magic is taking the hex returner as protection.

It is not.

That's why return to sender spells are seen as a failure and people only bother to buy cheap kits of candles and herbs.

A real hex returner works to send back evil spells to those to cast them.


If you feel appropriate to take the offensive and wrap your target into their own nastiness and hate, go ahead and don't have mercy.

A return to the sender can also be a very smart and pragmatic demonic ritual - soon or later your target will realize what's going on and they will be so scared that they will stop with their back and forth toxic efforts to mess with you.


This is a lesson they will never forget.


They will be the victim, not you.


Sometimes, when you are involved in a witchcraft walfare, the best thing that may happen to you is the other part leaving you alone and moving on into the next.

Important: the curse return to sender also sends back the intentions of your target even if their magic is silly and doesn't work.

So if they hire someone to do an ineffective or weak ritual by a false practitioner, they will receive exactly the same evil they intend to cause you.

This is an act of terrible revenge on your enemies.


Kit that comes into your hands contains:


All required magical materials Activated nominally Shattered Magic Words Detailed instructions As soon as you receive the package, contact us for any questions. There is full support absolutely free! Fortune telling is for everyone! A must for young entrepreneurs. With the guarantee of quality and effectiveness of mirall bruja


***if you don't want to do the spell yourself, let me know and I'll do it for you

Send Back a Curse Evil Eye


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