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Conjure Oil, also known as anointing, conditioning, dressing or ritual oils, they are essentially a base of carrier oil of the crafters choosing, with added herbs, roots, powders, resins, flowers, essential and / or fragrance oils.

Flying Devil Oil is a famous hoodoo recipe to get rid of hexes, jinxes, curses, bad mojo, and pesky spirits. It is a powerful uncrossing and reversal oil that will undo any negative, malevolent or baneful work or crossing. Use to send malintent back to the sender. Like the name says, this oil was traditionally created in New Orleans to make negativity literally fly from your home. It will get rid of bad habits and influences as well.

Give the bottle a shake and watch that devil fly! Flying Devil oil is a classic, designed for protection and banishment.

You can literally hold the bottle up, focus on what you want to banish and shake, shake, shake the bottle to banish anything or anyone you want.


Please keep away from your eyes as this oil uses hot & spicy ingredients such as chili pepper, cayenne, black pepper and more that will cause irritation.


Apply using gloves.



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