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🎁Buying the ointment  you get the flying incense as a gift!!! 🎁


Flying ointment is a hallucinogenic ointment said to have been used by witches in the practice of European witchcraft from at least as far back as the Early Modern period, when detailed recipes for such preparations were first recorded.


I hand blend all of my creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the finest natural ingredients straight from mother earth, using the highest quality plant extracted oils.

Majority of the plants I use are hand grown in my own home garden.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only.

Mirall Bruja does not guarantee the outcome of any spell or ritual work completed with the use or our products. We believe that it's your intention alone, not ours, that makes for a successful spell.
We only supply products to better enable you on your path of magic.

Furthermore, it's important to say that, by law, we make no claims and sell these products only as accessories to your altar and home.

These products are for entertainment purposes only. As a shop owner I sell the tools to aid your magical practice and take no responsibility for the outcomes you experience. By purchasing  Mirall Bruja products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are responsible for yourself, all of your actions and your results.

Mirall Bruja is not responsible for the mishandling of herbs, essential oils, Candles, resins or any other item we sell.

FLYING OINTMENT | FLYING Incense Gift! | Hedge Rider Flying Ointment


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