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Our Full Moon Ritual Kit includes everything you need to perform your own ritual and to set your intention.

The full moon is a time to look within yourself, cleanse the mind, body, and spirit by removing internal negativity, stagnant energy and opening up for positive energy.


Full Moon Ritual Kit includes


Full Moon Milk Bath
Full Moon Ritual Mist
Full Moon Hand-poured soy wax candle
Moonstone Crystal

Full Moon Body Butter

Full Moon Ritual Tea 

Palo Santo stick




Connected with the energies of the moon, Moonstone is a stone of emotions, emotional balance, an aid to diving deep into one's own self to find inner truth, inner wisdom, and connect to the higher self.  


Full Moon Milk Bath is formulated with a blend of sea salt, epsom salt and organic coconut milk with an essential oil blend of bergamot, ylang ylang, lemon and jasmine, intentionally chosen to aid you in your full moon ritual.  


Full Moon Ritual Mist is formulated with bergamot, ylang ylang, lemon and jasmine essential oils and infused with a moonstone crystal to encourage self-reflection, release and letting go of that which no longer serves you. 


Full Moon Mystical Black Tea is an organic loose-leaf tea for health and wellness in body, mind and soul. Full moon, let go and create space for all that you desire: a mystical blend of black, green, red and white tea that creates a sublime smooth cup of tea.


Full Moon Candle is made with 100% soy wax and infused with moonstone, clear quartz and an intentionally chosen scent blend of bergamot, ylang ylang, lemon and jasmine to aid you in your full moon ritual. The full moon is a time to look within yourself, cleanse negativity, stagnant energy and open up for positive energy.  Light your candle during the full moon and each following day leading up to the new moon. Focus on letting go of habits, beliefs and that which no longer serves you.


You have heard of "Moon Water", water placed under the full moon to supercharge abd infuse the water with positive energy. Moon water is also said to be a beauty benefit. Moon water can give the skin and extra glow , clear impurities and enhance youthfulness.
We have taken the concept of the "Moon Water" and made "Full Moon Butter". We melt all our oils down add place the melted oils under the night of the full moon.

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, mango butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil,  essential oils  of Jasmine and Neroli 




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