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Grounding is one of the most important preparations to practice when readying yourself for spiritual work. Our magical workings are most effective when the mind is focused, centered and grounded to natures power to enhance our own.
When performing magic, our Spirit, Mind and Body are connecting to several different realms, and sometimes to spirits, depending on your work. The herbs and oils employed allow your mind and spirit to travel to these places while your body remains protected, grounded, and centered.

This grounding blend is also useful on a more mundane level. If you feel scattered and flighty, or unable to focus on decisions, directions, experiencing forgetfulness, etc, this aroma will bring you back down to Earth, quieting the mind, relaxing the body and centering your spirit to a more grounded state. This makes it ideal to work with during meditation, yoga and other mindful and magical practices.

When centering yourself, be sure your mind is clear and in the present, this is hard at times and that is what this oil is meant to assist you with. This blend is meant to assist you through the senses by evoking the power of botanical scent and essence that each plant has to offer. Its aroma will guide you into a more focused, relaxed and grounded space. A practice that I enjoy, is to work with this blend by anointing my wrists, the back of my neck, and in the center of my chest. I make sure that my feet are bare, outside is preferable, but anywhere will do. I bring both hands to my chest, I close my eyes, inhale a deep long breath and allow the scent to weave its way into my senses. As I continue to breathe, I visualize my feet growing roots and connecting deep into the ground until I am woven into the life-giving energy of the Earth.

This Ground and Center Blend contains some of the most exquisitely scented essential and herbal oils such as Fir Needle, Birch Bark, White Oak, Pinyon Pine, Neroli and Sandalwood. Crystal Charged with a Clear Quartz that rests at the bottom of your bottle. A Sacred and very unique recipe that is exclusive to Mirall bruja.


GROUNDING OIL ~ Ground and Center


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