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“Riding the hedge,” is sometimes conflated with “hedge witch” but hedge witches and witches who ride the hedge are very different things. A hedge witch may ‘ride the hedge’, but it isn’t necessarily an integral part of hedge witchery.


Riding the hedge is a witchcraft practice that finds its roots in Traditional Witchcraft, but of course using entheogens and other methods to enter trance or meditative space to consort with spirits, demons, and the Devil is as old as time. Riding the hedge implies crossing from the mundane world to the Otherworld, often with the use of plants of the solonaceae family and other psychoactive plants. Flying ointments were famously used by witches to enter hallucinatory states where they might speak to spirits to learn hidden knowledge, to shapeshift, for divination, to heal, and to consort in sabbats with beings from beyond the veil.


Your kit contains:


🧹4 HEDGE RIDER HAND DIPPED SPELL CANDLES - Made with wormwood, mugwort, mandrake and other herbs traditionally used in flying ointments to facilitate your spirit flight.



🧹HEDGE RIDER RITUAL SPIRITS - a blend of herbs and roots traditionally used to induce trance, meditative states, astral projection, working in liminal space, and in flying ointments. I select herbs, roots, and resins and steep them for at least one lunar cycle. Can be used during ritual to sanctify space or sprayed directly on your skin. DO NOT CONSUME.



🧹ENTER THE COSMOS ~ Working with Enter the Cosmos Imagine floating in the realm where nothing in the human form weighs you down, you feel and see the lessons that your spirit has taken with clarity, leading you to discover your path and purpose for this life.These plant spirit offerings are Organic Blue Lotus, Kilp Dagga Flower, Mugwort, Albizia Flower & Pod, Saffron, PNW Ethically Harvested Honey, Organic Vodka, and communion with the Cosmos.Take 30 drops under tongue two times per day.



🧹POISON AND BEE SOLONACEAE SEED PACKET - a hand picked a selection of viable seeds from the solonaceae family grown by poison path witch. You’ll receive a selected packet of henbane, Belladonna one of several varieties of datura.



🧹WITCHING HOUR INCENSE - An invoking trance inducing blend of Ingredients used for centuries to open a clear connection to the Divine~ Most of this recipe I am keeping secret but I will reveal a few of the sacred botanical ingredients chosen to give you a sense of the seductive scent. Sultry deep and intoxicating high grade Amber Resin, Blood of the Dragon, Demeter’s Crimson Saffron, Blood Red Rose Petals plucked at Midnight on Full Moon, Dark Moon Storax and other divine unmentionables~ Potent and aromatic, this incense will fill a room quickly, leaving a last scent that will keep the desired energies near by.



🧹WORMWOOD OINTMENT - Magickally, wormwood is used in flying ointments, protection and vengeance spells, to ward off evil, summoning spirits, communicating with the dead, opening the third eye, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.Using wormwood ointment: Whether using as a mild flying ointment or as pain relief, start with a pea sized amount. Wait 30 minutes and add more if needed. Do not apply to mucous membranes. Do not ingest



🧹WITCHES BROW FLYING TEA BLEND - Witches Brew is an all organic herbal tea blend.Witchcrafted with the intent to boost divinatory workings, assist with astral travel, and works effectively as a ritual preparation tea for rituals that involve love, friendships, personal power and manifestation.A beautifully fragrant, garnet colored tea, Witchcrafted with the finest organic herbs of Hibiscus Flower, Rosehip, Orange Peel, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Rose and Lavender.



🧹FLYING OINTMENT - are an herbal preparation of psychoactive and non-psychoactive plants infused in fat and sometimes thickened with beeswax. These ointments are used to allow us to enter into altered consciousness where we can open the doors of perception to allow us to see and experience things we can’t see in our normal waking lives. Flying ointments can aid us in dreamwork, astral travel, deepening our relationships to spirits and deity, communing with the plant and animal worlds, and intensifying ritual experiences. Prepared on the dark moon of August 2022, this blend contains mugwort, wormwood, hemp flowers, datura, brugmansia, dittany of Crete, clary sage, damiana, skullcap, vervain, white sage, balm of Gilead, and mandrake root preserved with benzoin in olive oil and beeswax. I grew or foraged many of these plants and all are organic or grown in pesticide-free areas.