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High Quality Spirit Board Made of Acacia Wood


Have you ever had the desire to connect to the ghostly world? With Spirit Board with Planchette this dream comes true! Immerse yourself in the dark and mysterious atmosphere of Halloween and experience unforgettable moments of spiritual communication. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the fascination of the unknown and dare to open the portal to the beyond. Feel the thrill of asking questions on the Spirit Board and the planchette moves to give you answers from another dimension.


The Spirit Board with Planchette is made of high quality Acacia wood and has been carefully handcrafted to ensure an authentic experience and reveal secrets from beyond the grave. Awaken the spirit of Halloween within you and bring a unique touch of mysticism to your celebrations.


- Statement Acacia wood spirit board.
- Custom graphics
- Includes board and planchette.
- Wipe clean.


Limited Edition Wood Spirit board/ouija


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