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Infused with the love and hot passion this beautiful candle is about helping you with your spells. To help bring in passion or love to your relationship or yourself. A beautiful blend of rose, hibiscus, vanilla beans just to name a few these herbs are designed to help you spell or ritual.


Are you seeking more love and passion? Lighting this candle with assist you bring in love within your current relationship or help you find a soul mate love. It will help you find love within yourself and honour the beautiful person you are!

All the candles are powered by herbs and contain a unique blend associated with reconnecting love energy for your intention.

Light the candle and say


Love surriounds me, I breathe in love

Love comes to me

I dance in love

Love settles within me

I am love


If you wish it to bring in a soul mate, please write down your intention and throughts on what you wish to call in and place the wish list under the love and passion candle.




Add rose quartz, rose petals, jasmine, lavender and basil to enhance your candle wish experience.


You will receive 4 9cm herbal candles.



Love & Passion Spell Candles


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