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Organic Sun Care by Mirall Bruja.

It nourishes skin and enhances skin's elasticity as it protects from the harmful ultraviolet rays and gives an immediate exotic tan.

Thanks to organic vegetable oils and vitamins this suntan oil, offers a golden touch, an exotic deep tan, in a short time, while moisturizes your skin.

Hydrates, soothes and shields skin against harmful radiations while simultaneously gives a golden glow and a fabulous tan to your skin with a unique smoothness.

All our flavors are summery, exotic, tropical, yummy, fresh and last for hours!

You can also use it as "after sun" body oil. It moisturizes in depth and gives a unique glow to your skin!


Materials: coconut oil, carrot oil, avocado oil, macademia oil, raspberry oil, wheat seed oil, evening primose oil, linseed oil, peach kernel oil.


150 ml


• Paraben Free
• Sulfate Free
• SLS Free
• Petroleum Free
• Free of Synthetic Dyes
• Free of Synthetic Fragrances
• Planted based
• Never Tested on Animals



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