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Dark Moon Mother, with your gift of release,


Come, so that I may surrender to thee.


Into the darkness of thy soul, I shall find Peace,


In the Beauty of thy Shadow I shall be free.


Mother of the Dark Moon hear these Sacred Rites,


as they dance upon my tongue this Dark and Starry Night.


•Since our first glance up at the glowing Mother in the Sky, we have connected to her, felt her influence and have been drawn to her ever-changing glow. Her luminous and shadowy displays effect our Mind, Body and Spirit as She pulls at us like the oceanic tides and guides us to go deeper into our own inner mystery. She encourages us to do the inner and outer work of healing, teaching us the lessons of self-awareness so that we may emerge renewed and shine brighter than we were before. Each one of Her phases offer a chance to travel within and outside of self, waxing and waning through the tides of life.


•Intended for magical use in preparation for new Moon rituals. A wonderful aromatic and visual guide for accessing deep inner wisdom, healing old negative thought patterns and releasing energy that no longer benefits your growth. On the night or day of the New Moon, draw yourself a nice warm bath. Add about two tablespoons of the bath salts to the tub or large basin, relax and ready yourself to begin visualizing that which you seek to release.



• As you inhale the aroma of the botanicals carried to you upon the warm steam, relax, with deep intentional slow breath, release. When your bath is complete and you drain the tub, imagine all of the unwanted negativity making its way out of your body as the water drains. If you used a large basin, take it outside and give the water back to the Earth.



•If you don’t have a bathtub, no worries. You can enjoy the same benefits of the Ritual Bath Salts with a nice foot soak in a large bowl of your choosing.


This blend was Witchcrafted on the New Moon with Organic Essential Oils of Bulgarian Lavender, Rosemary, Patchouli and Jasmine. Blended in Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Husk, Activated Charcoal, Rose Petals and Lilac flowers. A Black Tourmaline crystal rests in the bottle. I recommend taking this crystal out and placing it in the bath with you. You can charge it outside every New Moon, except for Eclipses.





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