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Make that money, honey. This ritual kit has everything you need to bring in wealth and success.


What's in your Rich Witch Jar?

  • Fortune Manifest Home Cleanse

  • Passion Project Crystal Essence

  • Orange Spell Candles

  • Pyrite

  • Cedar Incense Wands


What do I do with my ritual kit?


I especially love these for gifting. And sometimes that means a gift for yourself. Wink, wink.

Rich Witch is best done on Thursday (Jupiter) or Sunday (Sun) to get that big, expansive energy for drawing in wealth and success.

Of course, you can use the elements of your kit anyway you feel called to, and you’ll have enough to do more than one ritual with what’s inside.

Here’s my suggested ritual for your kit:

Cleanse yourself and your space using the cedar wand. You don’t need to burn the whole wand. Simply use it to trace the outline of your body and wave it in front of and behind you as much as you can . Repeat the same with the space where you’re doing the ritual, and keep a window cracked to allow any stagnant energy to flow out of the space.

Before you dress your candle, you can carve intentions into the side. You may want to carve your name and a specific dollar amount or simply your name and a word or words like success, wealth, abundance, etc. You can also write down your intention on a small piece of paper, fold it, and place it under the candle holder or plate that you’re using.

To dress your candle use the essence that’s included to lightly cover the candle, and then use the Fortune Manifest blend to sprinkle on the candle. It won’t all stick and that’s okay, but some of the herbs should stick to the sides of the candle. You can also use a plate and roll the candle in it, or simply create circle around the candle using the herbs.

Place the pyrite near the candle to charge, and you’ll be able to carry this with you as a talisman for continued success.

Light the candle and stay with it while it burns. Imagine yourself already having the intention that you set. Picture it. Feel it. Immerse yourself in it.

Once the candle goes out, dispose of it and any remaining herbs in the trash.

Track your results in your journal or spellbook and repeat as needed.



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