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Road Opener Powder is a conjure formula that’s created as a dust and can also be used in ritual baths helping to open paths and roads to prosperity so that what you want can be achieved.


If you’ve been working spells and magick for months and not seeing the results that you desire or if you feel stuck in your life, Road Opener can help you with that.


Dust your important paperwork, or your shoes with Road Opener Powder, or sprinkle a pinch of Road Opener Sachet Powder in the four corners of the room or office where you are working or on your business etc...

You can sprinkle this powder in the doorway to your home or use to dress a candle, add in a gris gris, mojo bag or mix a pinch with olive oil and anoint your feet.


Each pack contains 80 ml glass jar of the Powder (approximately).


The weight varies due to the density of each powder.


These are large packs with plenty of material for multiple uses.


I hand blend all of my creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the finest natural ingredients straight from mother earth, using the highest quality plant extracted oils. Majority of the plants I use are hand grown in my own home garden.


MIRALL BRUJA products are all natural, free of chemical preservatives and with a shelf life of up to a year.



HOW TO USE Powders are one of the most important and common “tools” to do jobs (perform magical workings) in the Hoodoo and rootwork tradition.

There are four main ways of using them: -The African influence – Sprinkling the powders, especially while walking as a form of foot-track magic.


-The Afro-Caribbean influence – Blowing the powders (on the air, over candles, on objects etc.)

-The African-American influence – Wearing the powders or carrying them in mojo bags.

-The European influence – As an ingredient or part of a spell or ritual.


Most Common ways of using Powders: -Wearing Powders as a perfume or dressing on the body. -Wearing Powders in mojo bags or inside small hollowed jewellery.


-Carrying Powders in mojo bags in a bag, in the car etc.

-Drawing Patterns and Symbols with the Powders on Crossroads, Objects, Altars etc.

-Creating Barriers (lines) at the doors and passages or forming Piles at the corners of rooms.

-Blowing Powders towards the four quarters during Rituals.

-Blowing Powders towards a person, place, or other target.


-Sprinkling Powders while walking (forward or backwards).

-Dressing Altar Candles or Magical Tools with Powders.

-Enchant objects such as legal papers, business cards, clothes, jewellery, money etc. by dressing them with Powders.

-Dusting some Powders in gifts, parcels, personal items, or inside things like lotions and cosmetics.

(Great option to use the Powders on a target in a sneaky way).

-Dust some Powders on a target's clothes, underwear, shoes, socks etc.

(Great option to use the Powders on a target in a sneaky way).

ROAD OPENER POWDER, remove obstacles, opening new opportunities


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