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A custom curated blend of herbs and resin used to energetically set up and cleanse your permanent sacred space. I mostly recommend this for a thorough smoke cleanse for your space. This is important where you spend the majority of your time. I created this blend for my customers who need a blend of herbs for multiple use. I have sacred space set up in my home, in my car and in my office/workspace. This makes it so that I don’t have to do daily cleanses or set up sacred space every time I want to perform a spell. 

Please note that for BIG work and ceremony I do set additional sacred space. I also cleanse and reset my permanent sacred space on a monthly basis.

This herbal blend can be used as:


  • a floor/surface wash
  • in a bath
  • For your candle dressings
  • in a sachet
  • as a custom incense blend. 


1 package 



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