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Choose which forecast you want and follow the payment link.



• General Reading 16€




• 1 Question (tarot and oracle) 23€




• 2 Question (tarot and oracle) 35€




• Deste Deck (3 Question) 50€




Here I’ll send you a personalised document answering your question which will then help you to understand what the universe’s plans are for you. Just tell me a little bit about yourself, your question and situation so that I can give you an accurate reading. I will send you across your reading via email.


Please leave your question and additional information in the notes section of your order!


You'll receive a PDF with your reading as well as a picture of the tarot spread, within 1-3 business days after payment and information required for your reading. Should I be fully booked with readings I will get in touch with you via direct message to let you know a time when you will receive your reading.


*The Deste tarot deck reveals your past and shows how it shapes and affects both your present and future. It can also bring to the surface fears and desires that need to be addressed. The deck will reveal the future that is to come from the specific path you are currently on.



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