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•Take in this fragrant cup of tea and let it dance upon your lips, evoking the renewing and awakening pleasures of Spring. Such beautiful flavors bright and reviving dance around in this tea, like a breath of fresh spring air and warm sun to greet your senses. Graced with Honeysuckle Blossoms, Linden Leaf and Flower, Lemon Balm, Lemon Peel, Elderflower, Pink and Red Rose Buds, fragrant Jasmine and sunny Calendula.

•Spring is one of my most favorite times of the year, as we move out of the dark depths of winter and move towards the light, I can’t help but notice the process of nature reflect within me as well. Those sacred winter ponderings that began to root me deep into the womb of the earth, now desire to sprout new buds and reach for the warmth of the Sun. Like the cycle of nature, I want to burst from the cold soil and warm my delicate tendrils once more.
As everything begins to come back to life with a fierce vitality to live, so does my spirit. The intoxicating scents of the flowers and dirt begin to inspire the soul like no other and creativity begins to make way for new life and new ideas, as we become one with the seasonal changes around us.

This tea is best brewed for 15 minutes or more and can be enjoyed throughout the day when the need for spring is brewing in your bones. You may also chose to sprinkle your left over tea outside as an offering to Muses and Gods of Spring.



THE BIRTH OF SPRING (Ostara Ritual Tea)


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