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Beauty is aroused through all senses. It is seen, yet unseen. It evokes the deepest desires within us all to completely fall in love with what we perceive as beautiful. Beauty captures the spirit effortlessly, and we each have our own idea of what beauty means to us. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and what you deem beautiful can ignite the greatest feeling of the love that conquers all.

•••The Flora•••

Created in ritual and sensual sacred space with raw ingredients left as offerings in a copper vessel, I invited her in. The pleasurable workings of Venus took place at dawn on Her day, and in Her hour. And while she was gliding through her rose temple of Taurus, this beauty of an incense was given sweet Venusian breath and brought to life to surround you with love and luxury. Delicate, yet full of aromatic beauty, this all-organic garden of delights is graced with Fig, Strawberry, Damiana, Nutmeg, Rose, Spearmint, Rosehips, Hibiscus, Hawthorn Berry, and Frankincense. All ground down to a fine powder to assist you with your Venusian workings of ritual beauty, sensuality, attraction, prosperity, fertility, and all forms of love.


•••Self-Love Ritual•••

To each their own with their magical practice, but I find it beneficial to work Venusian magic on Friday in Her Hour, while the Moon is Waxing to attract what you desire. Monday (aka Moon day) in the evening Venus hour is also an ideal time if you’re not a morning person. Take care that Venus is not retrograde in her travels as you begin your workings.

Before adding fire to the powder, gently bring it to your nose and take in the sweet notes. These notes do alter after adding the element of fire, some of the sweet notes remain, but the more earthy elements come through with flame.

As you begin to commune with Venus and Her many epithets, the botanical scented air will surely capture her attention. There are various hymns to speak aloud to gain her audience, and ones from the heart are a lovely way to open the portal to her sweet spot. Your words will weave into smoke, carrying your breath of prayers to swirl around the orbit of Venus.

Find a mirror to gaze into and recite your chosen hymn to Venus. Place a small amount of the powder on a charcoal tablet until the scented smoke begins to slowly rise. Capture the smoke from The Eye of Beauty into your palms and then wash the smoke over your face. Please use a ventilated space for this ritual and take care to not directly inhale the smoke. Repeat this process 7 times. Your words for this ritual can be your own love language to self. Catch the gaze of your left eye, the eye connected to heart, this deepens your connection to Self. Allow time to stand still. During this ritual I feel it is important to look deeper than the surface level of what you see. Go within Self and see with all senses what you feel, and how you feel. Allow this feeling to run deep and wild.

When we feel our best on the outside, it is the feeling that comes from within that truly evokes beauty and its meaning. Capture this feeling and hold space with it until it moves you to that deep sense of love. When you are in this sacred temple of Self Love, this is the moment to recite what you desire. Venus is there, and she is waiting. You are love.

•••Ways to Ritual•••

There are more than one way to enjoy this incense powder if you are sensitive to smoke. If you wish to extend the life of the powder, roll a green or pink candle in honey, and then in the powder of the Eye of Beauty. Light the candle and continue the ritual above.



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