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The candle contains about 300 grams of soy wax, flowers, a rock crystal tip, a 4 cm moon-cut rose quartz, an irregular sphere of selenite, a broom charm. Everything is also to be kept once the candle is consumed.

I recommend removing the selenite before lighting the candle.

Fragrance: amber vanilla, musk, sandalwood and jasmine.

Rose quartz:
From pale pink to dark pink, semi-transparent, it is the stone of love par excellence.
It promotes serenity, gentleness, forgiveness, good relationships and self-love.
Develops trust, openness to others and conflict-free communication.
Helps to overcome sentimental sorrows, soothes jealousy, resentment, worry, fear and stress.
Keeping close to you, in your pocket or bag, under the pillow or next to the bed, helps you sleep thanks to its soothing power.
Rose quartz absorbs negative energy and therefore needs to be purified and recharged regularly.

Rock crystal is effective in lifting energetic and emotional blockages, purifying the aura or cleaning a room again. Receiver, transmitter and amplifier, it allows to work on the energy and also serves to recharge the other stones and to multiply their properties. Indeed, it has the ability to amplify the power of neighboring stones.
The Rock Crystal represents clarity, intuition, wisdom and serenity.

Selenite cleanses places of negative energies (entities, disputes, bad energies, bad vibrations, heavy and heavy atmosphere) and allows to raise the good energies of your home and its occupants, brings a serene atmosphere in your home.
On an emotional level, selenite stone helps to relax and helps to clean the surrounding air. It would improve the quality of sleep if you put it close to you during the night. It helps to establish an inner serenity conducive to the elevation of the spirit and meditation. It is said to have the power to bring buried reminiscences to the surface. Thus, this stone, as a real impediment, makes it possible to undo the previous blockages, responsible for certain complexes.
Accompanied by a Selene stone, you will therefore tend to regain confidence in yourself and to make a strength of your wounds to find a real serenity. All the energies of your body are balanced again in a perfectly fluid way and you regain control of all your faculties.

The color of the minerals varies slightly from one arrival to another and can have inclusions, asperities that are normal and are an integral part of the stone, and that do not alter its powers.



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