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40 ml glass 


I reduce eggshells and herbs to powder manually to mortar and pestle.

Powder formerly used in voodoo practice.


During the full moon, go out, make your wish aloud with a little powder in your hand, and blow towards the moon.

Your wish should be granted before the next full moon.

Make a feasible wish or it won't work.


This powder can also be added to your potions, mojo bags, incense, herb bags, witch bags, candles, talismans, spell jars, and used during your rituals to increase their intensity.


I hand blend all of my creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the finest natural ingredients straight from mother earth, using the highest quality plant extracted oils.


Majority of the plants I use are hand grown in my own home garden.


MIRALL BRUJA products are all natural, free of chemical preservatives and with a shelf life of up to a year. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT INGEST. DO NOT WEAR ON YOUR GENITALS.

Wish powder - full moon ritual - Hoodoo


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