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Dear friends, I bring you a ritual used from ancient times by the most powerful men on the planet to distill manhood and virility.


With different names the demon asmodeus, the demon of virility and lust, has blessed every man who has taken refuge in it.

With this spell, the man claims the power of Asmodeus, along with his entourage of lustful demons, You will become the most demanded male, you will exude manhood, your sex will be the largest and the most powerful.

You will arouse envy and fear among men, and women will see you as a stud.


A dark and ancestral power will be unleashed, and there will be no turning back.


Day by day you will gain vigor, energy and masculinity.

Females will be intimidated by your sex, you will possess a strange animal magnetism.


You will give whoever you want a hard, wild and long sex.


You will notice a great improvement in your sexual performance.

Sexual encounters, based on this black magic, will be very satisfactory for everyone involved.


You will have fast and long-lasting erections.


Being your member admired by all the women who see it, they will appreciate it big and hard.


Your personal relationships will improve in an extraordinary way, men will respect you and women will want you.

These statements were extracted from ancient texts where this powerful and ancient spell was used .....

In the documents that are preserved of the witchcraft processes, there are many declarations of women who declare that in their carnal municipalities with the devil they found the storms that pleasure.

A lascivious woman declared in her encounters with the demon it was torment and pleasure in equal parts.

When you read the description that the judges made of the incubus that rode her: when she possessed me she felt her member inside me and this as if she were receiving a jet of well water ...


During the night of the spell, the experiences of clear supernatural visits can occur in the form of erotic hallucination.


ATTENTION!!! This black magic ritual is 100% safe for you, fear not.

It will be done with the necessary protection so that it never interferes with your own energy in a harmful way.


Kit that comes into your hands contains:


All required magical materials Activated nominally Shattered Magic Words Detailed instructions As soon as you receive the package, contact us for any questions. There is full support absolutely free! Fortune telling is for everyone! A must for young entrepreneurs. With the guarantee of quality and effectiveness of mirall bruja


***if you don't want to do the spell yourself, let me know and I'll do it for you

Manhood and virility Spell


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