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Perfume Bottle

Scent Alchemy

While mainstream culture presents fragrance as a cosmetic to conceal other scents or to make us more attractive, our perfume is intended to serve as a therapeutic connection to nature and sensory ritual. We find botanical aromatics to be gender-less and feel that the scent signature of our skin should be complemented, not hidden. Their design is to be worn as a mood-enhancing indulgence and source of inspiration.

Our perfume does not contain harmful phthalates or propellants to artificially extend the longevity and silage. As a result, these scents meld with the skin and evolve as each layer reveals itself throughout the 4+ hours of wear. The experience is more subtle than synthetic perfumes but with fuller nuance and complexity. The Mirall Bruja's perfume style is unapologetically earthy and full-bodied, comprised of exquisite materials that larger perfume brands rarely use due to their expense and limited availability. The quality of these raw materials is essential to Dolores’s process of designing rare and opulent compositions.

We find distilled essential oils, resins, and plant extracts to be more satisfying to the senses and artful in their manufacture. Our physiology has evolved to understand the messages contained in these plant molecules on an intuitive level and our emotions respond to this language. These perfumes are beyond "clean" and natural -- they are the wild and sublime spirits of the earth.



A blend of peach, violet & lily harmoniously blended with citrus and gardenia. Vanilla bourbon and sandalwood add a sophisticated touch in this romantic fragrance.,

Peach | Violet | Lily | Citrus | Gardenia | Vanilla bourbon | Sandalwood

Romanticizes mortal love with sensual notes of black rose, patchouli, orange zest, vanilla orchid and cinnamon leaf. A spicy & sweet floral scent which binds your soulmate eternally in ceremonial sanctity.

Black Rose | Patchouli | Orange | Vanilla | Orchid | Cinnamon

A delicate fragrance which celebrates the beloved females of yesteryear. An affectionately floral bouquet of wild violets, rose and jasmine is softened by vanilla and white musk to create a soft & powdery fragrance.
Violet | Rose | Jasmine | Vanilla | White musk

The aroma of fallen tears and your finest black attire. Mourning notes of melancholy vanilla musk, black cashmere, dark leather & myrrh evoke notes of wooden funeral pews and weeping silk.

Vanilla | white musk | black cashmere | dark leather | myrrh

A velvety soft floral blend of lavender & violet, woodsy notes of cedar & a touch of vanilla. Remember your dearly beloved near or far with this bewitching scent.

Lavender | violet | cedar | vanilla


1849  (UNISEX)
Inspired by the hard working men of the Victorian gold rush era, 1849 blends notes of charred wood, leather, tobacco, golden amber & vetiver.

wood | leather | tobacco | golden amber | vetiver

Spellbinding notes of trees and earth. Earthy patchouli and sandalwood is layered with a refreshing blend of vetiver, leaves, black pepper, oakmoss & pine.

patchouli | sandalwood | vetiver | leaves | black peper | oakmoss | pine


This a lovely scent that is of fresh garden rose, warm vanilla beans with a woodsy and earthy sandalwood base.

rose | vanilla | sandalwood


Cast an aromatic spell with this deep floral scent mixed in a cauldron filled with woods and spices. A magical concoction of amber, redwood, clove & saffron for witches and warlocks.

amber | redwood | clove | saffron

A hauntingly romantic scent with notes of black tea, clove violet & vanilla musk. This smokey yet sweet scents helps memorialize those which are gone better never forgotten.

black tea | clove | violet | vanilla musk 

Notes of absinthe, bright lemon, fresh orange & spicy clove are topped with white jasmine and musky florals. A refreshing scent perfect for warding off bad spirits.

lemon | orange | clove | jasmine | musk

Prepares your immortal corpse with the fresh scent of embalming fluid and the moist earth of a sacred burial. A clean which scent blends bergamot, fresh juniper, jasmine & mint.

bergamot | juniper | jasmine | mint


Mermaid Moon, with notes of Blood Orange, Black Coconut, Vanilla, Arabian Sandalwood, African Musk, will entice you, seduce you, and beckon you like the sirens of legend to dive in, and go deeper into your power.

blood orange | black coconut | vanilla | arabian sandalwood | african musk 


This deep scent evokes the spiritual realms of those which have departed. Seance is a mysterious blend of woodsy amber & tobacco, spicy black pepper and a hint of exotic ylang ylang.

amber | tobacco | black pepper | ylang ylang 


Fresh flowers laid upon a coffin evoke the memory of those of which have been laid to rest. Notes of blooming tulips, english tea roses, purple hyacinth, exotic orchid and sweet lily of the valley. Previously named Casket.

tulip | english tea roses | purple hyacinth | orchid | lilly of the valley


Pays its respects to the dearly departed with the scent of old books, wooden funeral pews & holy water. Notes of citrus, cedar leaf, ivy, black pepper & sandalwood.

citrus | cedar | ivy | black pepper | sandalwood


Dearly Beloved. A limited edition, eau de toilette fragrance for your sweetheart. Features notes of rose water, vanilla musk, lilac & jasmine. A hauntingly romantic floral blend filled with love.

Rose | Vanilla musk | Lilac | Jasmine


Romantic, Exotic, Arousing

Sandalwood | Jasmine | Patchuli |  Ylang Ylang |  Vanilla | Cinnamon | Peach


Unveil a symphony of seductive floral notes intertwined with velvety vanilla and an intriguing dash of spice, all underpinned by a whisper of vivacious citrus. This scent is an irresistible potion that I find myself drawn to time and again, and its allure has earned Dark Heart a cult following of discerning fragrance enthusiasts.
This fragrance has a captivating duality that inspires passionate responses - it either elicits a fervent "This is the one, I'll never switch!" or it might not resonate as deeply. Such is the enchanting mystery of Dark Heart. We invite you to unlock this magic with a sample, and discover your own unique connection to this compelling scent.

Pink Yarrow Flower | Jasmine Flower | Red Ruby Gemstone | Clove | Tangerine | Vanilla Oleoresin | Ylang Ylang


Frankincense | Styrax | Benzoin | Black currant | Rose | Hibiscus | Cinnamon | Labdanum



Perfect for anyone who ever wanted to be a pirate or just wants to smell really sexy!

Clove | All spice | Cinnamon | Orange | Lime | Rum | Patchouli | Pimenta Racemosa

Voodoo perfume aka revenge in a bottle. This amazing fragrance lets you muti-task: smell great and curse your enemies at the same time. Just be careful of the backlash! A warm and spicy unisex fragrance that's sure to turn heads! A powerful blend of fiery black peppercorn oil and lemon lead to a spicy-floral middle of cumin, coriander, ginger, jasmine, and violet leaf, all atop a sweet, deep, long-lasting base of oakmoss, musk, amber, and patchouli. Luxurious, subtle, mysterious, and elegant.

Marie Laveau would be proud. 

Black Peppercorn | Lemon |  Cumin |  Coriander | Ginger | Jasmine | Violet| Oakmoss | Musk | Amber | Patchouli.


Lilac, Juniper, Thyme, Rosemary, Neroli, Vanilla


Amber, Vetiver, Absinthe, Musky florals, Mint and Vanilla

About Us

Mirall Bruja was born from a fascination of herbalism, a love of witchcraft, a passion for creating, and a desire for natural, chemical-free products.

I hand blend all of my creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the finest organic ingredients straight from mother earth, using the highest quality plant extracted oils.

Majority of the plants I use are hand grown in my own home garden.

Made with love, intention, and a sprinkle of magic.

Mirall Bruja was created from a deep need to connect the mundane, the natural world, and the magical world into daily rituals and practices to hold and honor the individual. I've taken great measures to work at the behest of the cosmos and alchemical principles to infuse each offering with as much potency and magic as I possibly can. Through this work, my hope is to connect people back to the plants, and back to their hearts. In body, mind and spirit.In the mystical realms, I've been studying the Occult and magical practices for over 15 years, with special interests towards the left hand path, the poison path and plant magic. I was indeed that little girl catching frogs, making potions with sticks and mud, and was a friend to all natural forms, a true animist from birth. 

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