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The Amazonite formerly worn by the Amazons is also called the stone of courage, which can be green, green-blue, pale greenish blue, turquoise blue or opaque, translucent.

It brings a certain lightness in difficult times and helps to overcome sadness and the feeling of helplessness in the face of trials, helps to put things into perspective, to live in the present moment and eliminates all forms of negative thoughts. It encourages letting go and opening up to the world. Finally, it is a very valuable aid for people lacking self-confidence. Indeed, Amazonite promotes determination and helps to fight against the fears and fears that block us and can prevent us from achieving our full potential. It is a calming stone that awakens the joy of life, very favorable for people who are depressed or who see the world in a negative way.


Amazonite fights against frustrations, it increases communication, promotes spontaneity and encourages human contact.





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