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"With one sweep of attention,Gather in the whole universeand remember it as your body of bliss.

The deep rhythms of life,Pulsating,Stir an AmbrosiaFlowing and overflowing everywhere.

Drink the nectarOf all-pervading joyFrom the radiant cupThat is this very body."

~ The Radiant SutrasLove at first sip

~ A powerful love potion in tea form for you and your Lover

~ Or just you! Rich with Sexually enticing herbs that have been known for thousands of years to raise sexual energy and arousal

~ This is a perfect tea to begin your Love Ritual and set the tone for a magical morning, afternoon or evening

~Made in the hour of Venus on a waxing Friday Moon, containing All Organic Herbs and Flowers of Roses, Cocao Nibs, Orange Peel, Cinnamon Chips, Hibiscus, Damiana, Black Currant, and Apples. All are rich in vitamins and minerals to keep you energized for a night of passion

~ This visually stimulating tea turns a beautiful shade of red, invoking deep sensual desires within.Great to add to your love making ritual, love spells, for use in sex magick , love and self love rituals.

To further work with this tea, add the botanicals to your bath after each brew, or let them dry out again, grinding them in a mortar and pestle for candle dressing, love ritual powder, and casting herbs.

Brew your Potion for 15 minutes, adding honey can further the aphrodisiac properties of your Tea~ Drink with your lover and then let the love come flowing in ;)





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