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She has risen from the chaos of stormy seas, birthed from the sea foam with flowers at her feet, golden crowned glorious Goddess of love and great beauty. Stars fall from her hair and sprinkle the seas with glistening light, exciting the hearts and eyes of all who gaze upon her beauty and sing her praises- 

Aphrodite’s story has been woven throughout time and into many cultures. She embodies love, beauty, creativity, fertility, pleasure in all forms, sensuality, sacred sex, glamour magic, leisure, luxury and so much more. Her sacred medicine is omnipotent and demands to be seen, and She is the very nature of the strongest emotion given to humankind. Love

Altar of Aphrodite has been lovingly Witch crafted in sacred ritual during Luna’s waxing phase, on the day and in the hour of Venus. Her true and secret name sung upon the wind to call Her forth, Her hymn recited in her honor, while lush garden offerings that awaited Her arrival. A large mother oil was created inside a copper vessel along with a mixture of botanical offerings with honey, wine, apples, and fresh garden roses. In my home is a large Altar dedicated to Aphrodite. Here, many offerings are left to invoke and honor the presence of Aphrodite and her many Venusian qualities. Regular florals, wine, honey, and sweet things are left to nourish her presence.

This devotional oil ritually created with organic botanicals and essential oils of the finest quality are Rose otto, Frankincense (Boswellia sacra), Egyptian Jasmine, Myrtle Leaf, Ylang Ylang, Elder flower & Orange Blossom. Blended in Fractionated Coconut Oil and held within a beautifully adorned bottle with florals and a shell.

Her true and secret name is printed on her devotional oil. As a devotee of Aphrodite, I will not post her true name on social media, it will not be revealed to you until the offering is in your possession. I lovingly ask that you also keep her name secret and do not post it on social media for all to see. Keep it locked within the reflection of your beautiful eye. Her true and secret name captures her attention, allowing you to gain her favor more easily. It invokes her qualities into your spirit, awakening the sacred feminine in all sexes.
If you are outside at night, or up early in the morning on a Friday or Monday, anoint self with Her Devotional oil and look up to the skies. Allow your heart to lead your eyes, tracing the patterns of the starry skies until your gaze lands upon Her unmistakably bright star. Recite her hymn and present her true and secret name to the heavens, then bask in the power of the beauty the blankets your spirit.

Anoint between breasts while reciting her name 7 times. When you feel her presence arrive, you may then begin to petition Her or sit in a devotional space with Her. Anoint your body when it pleases you to imbue the energy and spirit of Aphrodite into your own. This oil can be employed to enhance beauty rituals, self-love rituals, love rituals, sex magic, tantric magic, self-pleasure, and all things related to amor. This devotional oil was created in ritual with the proper timing and correspondences dedicated to Venus/Aphrodite. It can be applied at any time, but, for best results, anoint self and/or ritual objects on a waxing Moon that falls on a Friday (Venus day) in the Hour of Venus. Mondays (Moon days) in the evening Venus hour are also favorable. Please note that this is a precious and natural perfume oil. The scent is fragrant and light upon the skin. It casts a spell upon the skin that begs a lover to come closer, it entices even your own senses to lift the scent to your nose again and again, continuing to capture your heart. This is a favorite of mine. It may take reapplying throughout the day and is therefore recommended for sacred ritual use or other important times that you wish to invoke Her. Each time you apply your oil or present your offerings, take the time to thank Aphrodite for her blessings and presence in your life.
Offerings to be made for petitions or devotional purposes-

Offerings should naturally evoke feelings of love, beauty, sensuality, etc. Offerings that make YOU feel like a Goddess will surely capture the attention of Aphrodite. Honey, wine, roses, homemade honey cakes, fragrant flowers and naturally sweet offerings will entice her. And of course, sweet words given with honey laced lips.