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Protection doesn’t always mean standing behind a shield, as the Black Tourmaline Sphere is ever ready to communicate. In truth, protection can come from clearing away detrimental beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you, embracing spirit, soul, and body healing, and staying grounded in the here and now rather than let your thoughts run away like wild horses. This is where the comforting turn of the polished mineral sphere provides a softer sense of being.

Having the Black Tourmaline Sphere in your life keeps your inner and outer environment cleared of any negative energy – whether psychic attack or EMF side effects. This dreamy dark quartz has a long history of curating safe havens and instantaneous boundaries to keep you bathed in your own inner light. Seers and sages have long turned to the inky magic of Black Tourmaline. Being one of the darkest quartz crystals, it grants the perfect canvas for peering across the periphery and getting glimpses of what the universe needs to share.

Black Tourmaline connects to the root chakras, the home of our sense of safety. It’s also amazing for spring cleaning your aura and providing a protective element to your home. Whether you choose to place the sphere at home or use it as a meditation aid or tool for scrying, the Black Tourmaline Sphere is here to make your home and heart a sanctuary.


Unique and genuine Black Tourmaline gemstone

Approx. 5-6 cm

Color, shape, size, and markings will vary

Black Tourmaline Sphere


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