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Our Heart is the very center of our being and all emotions flow from the heart center and out into the body. The ancient Egyptians believed it to be the seat of the wisdom, emotions, and the Soul, therefor it was the only organ left in the body so that the soul would not become lost in the afterlife. We feel so much from that sacred space within our chest, sometimes its bursting with joy and full of love, while other times it is excruciatingly painful to carry the weight of it within us. The Heart is the sacred source of all our emotions, so tending to this space is vital for our overall health and well-being in both the physical and spiritual realms. Find solace in the pain and nurture the beauty that dances around all senses during deeply sensitive and vulnerable times with the assistance of the aromatic healing properties of plants.

•The Bleeding Heart Healer Ritual•

In the midst of your recovery, or in the deep despair of grief, roll the oil on the palm of your left hand, which is your hand connected to the heart. Place your giving hand (right hand) on top of your left hand and cover your heart. This act of self-love and compassion is a reminder that your love is one of the most important kinds of love that you can give to yourself for moments of healing. Allow the beat of your own heart to drift you into a state of relaxation and peace. Feel the presence of your own love wash over you. In this moment, you may feel a light fluttering of confirmation, much like you feel when you deeply love someone. You may also feel a deep wave of grief that feels like a weight upon your heart.  Both are beautiful, and both are valid. Take this moment to reflect on the presence of the grief and why it is present, or for whom it is present for. Nurture it as you would a friend, a family member, or a lover. Grief bursts the doors of the soul wide open. It reveals to us our true capacity in which we love and express our love. In most cases we can never fully recover from our grief and the pain that comes with it, but we can transmute the fear centered around grief and trauma into something beautiful to confirm the depths of our love.


•The Materia Magica•


Lovingly witch crafted from the heart space on the New Moon in Cancer to promote nurturing and heart healing with the finest organic essential oils and Venusian herbs of Osmanthus, Damask Rose, Bleeding Heart Flower, Hawthorn Flower, Lemon Balm, and Clove. Blessed with crystals of Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz to amplify the heart healing qualities of the botanicals.

The botanicals have been consulted and chosen for their unique abilities to take the Heart and Mind to a safe internal space of healing. They coax out your inner courage and strength to help you through mentally draining times. These oils are especially nurturing when emotions are frayed, and our minds are clouded with pain. The healing aroma works with the heart center and the sense of smell to cover you in a blanket of calm, serenity, and ignite your inner light to brighten up your healing heart.  



BLEEDING HEART HEALER // Emotional Heart Healing Herbal Wand


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