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Element Associations: Water
Planetary Associations:Venus
Astrological Associations: Libra 
Chakra Associations: Sacral, Navel, Throat + Third-Eye
Magical Properties: Cat magic, Love, Beauty, Healing, Bonding, Goddess Magick
Healing Properties:Antioxidant, Promotes rest and relaxation 
Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria

Catnip is used to invoke predictive dreams. Ancient Egyptians made offerings of catnip to Bast, a goddess who took on a feline form. Catnip is also used in Magick as an aid in overcoming ordeals and healing. When faced with a particularly difficult challenge, drinking an infusion of catnip or wearing a sprig either fresh or dried in a charm will make obstacles easier to overcome. 



Magickal Blessings,




10g paper bag
200ml glass jar



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