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Element Associations: Fire
Planetary Associations:Sun
Astrological Associations:Leo
Chakra Associations:Root, Sacral, Third-Eye + Crown
Magical Properties:Longevity, Protection, Preservation, Yule, Prosperity, Money Drawing
Healing Properties:Fevers, Relief from cough, Skin conditions such as psoriasis and warts

Cedar can attract love and is best used when burnt or added to sachets and charms. The Smoke of Cedar is purifying and also said to help with bad dreams. Twigs can be burned and smouldered or made into incense.  Cedar hung in the home is used to protect it against all evil. Keep a piece of Cedar in your wallet or purse to draw money and prosperity. 

Used in sacred ceremonies, cedar is offered to the sacred fire, burned during prayers, and used to purify indoor air and create cedar baths when boiled.  


Magickal Blessings,




10g paper bag
200ml glass jar




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