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Element Associations: Fire
Planetary Associations: Mars
Astrological Associations: Aries
Chakra Associations: Root
Energy: Masculine / Expressive
Magical Properties: Courage, Crossing, Hex-Breaking, Removes Blockages, Energizing, Fidelity, Protection
Healing Properties: Circulation, 
Origin: Central and South America

Red Pepper has many magical uses, each stemming from different traditions. Because of the Red Pepper's spice and heat, it can be used to add heat/energy to your magical workings and spells. In this same way, the herb can be used to add 'spice' to your relationship and aid in fidelity. In Hoodoo traditions, Red Pepper is used as an ingredient for various enemy tricks, such as Hot Foot powder, Crossing powder, and Goofer dust. You can sprinkle Red Pepper around your home as protection against malevolent spells or hexes. 


Magickal Blessings,




10g paper bag
200ml glass jar



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