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Mirall Brujas most inquired about product, & with almost 1 in every 6 greecs struggling with headaches annually, it is no wonder why! As a personal lifelong migraine sufferer, Crystal Visions is my magnum opus.

An herbalist formulated blend that combines analgesic & anti-inflammatory botanicals to be used as part of a prevention based strategy. Feverfew stars in the formulation, with its long historical use as a headache ally. Secondary nervines Skullcap & Linden provide aid in tension or anxiety derived aches, while home grown Meadowsweet (a botanical precursor of modern anti-inflammatories) continues to support. Ginger root, a circulatory stimulant, balances the blend & helps to deliver the herbs throughout the body.

This blend is not formulated to be particularly helpful once a migraine or headache has begun, but rather shines as a preventative maintenance must.


Take 2 droppers full 2x daily.



Ingredients: Cane Alcohol, Filtered Water, *Feverfew leaf & flower, *Skullcap leaf, *Linden flower & bract, *Meadowsweet flower & leaf, Ginger root, Local honey. 


*Denotes home grown or wildcrafted


30ml glass bottle



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