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Working intimately and respectfully with botanical materia, materia magica, and planetary days and hours, I will witch-craft you a one of kind oil or incense blend that will assist you in rituals for your desired intent..

•The desired intent of your oil or incense will determine elements, planetary hours and days, as well as phases of the Moon that I will work with to create your unique and one of a kind blend made specifically for you. The process of working with the energy of the cosmos to create a materia magica is an ancient practice, and a powerful one. This process takes time and should not be rushed. I will keep you updated every step of the way with photos of the work that I am doing for you. Depending on your desired outcome and what the cosmos are doing, this could be a swift or lengthy process, and that we will discuss through email correspondence.

If you need assistance on the best way to use your new oil or Incense, I will be happy to guide you, giving you detailed planetary hours and days to best work with your new oil or incense. You will also receive a detailed email about your new blend, what is in it, and what it will offer you.

Some very important information before you order:

I am not interested in helping you ill intent magick towards another or self. This kind of magic is very personal and should be done by you and not I. So please, if your intentions are to wish ill of another, that is best performed by you and your conscience, I will not help you. If your intentions are with healing and working with the lighter side of magic then I will create something with a said intent to assist you on your path. Please send me an email before ordering so that we may discuss what oil, tea or incense will be best suited for your needs.

An important side note: I create the materia magica that you need, you and your magick create the potency and power in which it will be activated for your ritual purposes alone. You are the one who will manifest this intent and release it to the cosmos to come to fruition. Please keep in mind that these things take time to manifest. Some may see immediate results, and other may have to wait for a time. This all depends on what the cosmos are doing and how they will react to your plea.

This is a limited offering and will not always be available for purchase due to the time needed to create this. I offer several high quality lower priced offerings for specific magical intent, so this listing is for a custom one that I do not already have made. If I have one that suits your needs, I will direct you there to save a little money.


I absolutely love this process and connecting more intimately with my clients. If you choose this process, I am deeply honored in the trust you have given me to create for you. ♥

The sizes available for your custom work

Custom Oils will be a large 2oz bottle with a dropper for easy use.

Custom Incense will be a large 4oz bottle for many uses.




Custom Magical Intent Oil or Incense /// Witchcrafted for your Desired Intent


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