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Let the power of plants gently drift you to sleep. Home grown herbs work in synergy to provide a clean ingredient, natural sleep aid for those who occasionally struggle to relax.

A calmer cousin to the infamous poppy, Poppy is an herbalist mainstay in sleepy formulas.

It shines here alongside Hops, which have a longer history as an effective herbal sedative than as a trendy beer flavoring! Excellent for folks who are hot, restless, and nervous, Hops checks all the boxes. Skullcap aids to amplify the formula, but is also a phenomenal nervine in its own right- an ally to the overthinkers who have difficulty “turning off.” As an antispasmodic, Skullcap is also useful for those who are kept up by mild pain & discomfort.

But no dreamy formula would be complete without Chamomile, so this soothing friend rounds out the botanical blend with its cheery blooms & relaxing disposition. Let's hit the hay, shall we?


Take 1-2 droppers full 30 minutes before bed, and 1-2 droppers full immediately prior to sleep.



Ingredients: Cane alcohol, Filtered water,  *Poppy flower & leaf, *Skullcap leaf, *Chamomile flower, *Hops strobile, Orange peel, *Valerian root, Local honey. *Denotes home grown or wildcrafted


30ml Glass bottle.



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