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“Is there anything sweeter than these hours of love,

when we’re together, and my heart races?

For what is better than embracing and fondling

when you visit me and we surrender to delights?

I glory in the hours of our embracings;

my joy is incalculable!

The thrill of your love spreads through my body

like honey in water,

like a drug mixed with spices,

like wine mingled with water.”

An Ancient Egyptian Love Lyric (circa 1085-570 BC)

Loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

A Witchcrafted Aphrodisiac elixir for lovers to experience heightened sexual and sensual oneness. Heart opening and nourishing for the entire body. Stimulating mind, body and spirit with potent herbs that entice love and the art of making it.

Witchcrafted on the day of Venus, in the hour of Venus, with a Waxing Moon. Created with herbs known to nourish the body, enhance overall mood and stamina, increase libido, increase blood flow to the reproductive systems, thus increasing orgasms and creating a pleasure filled atmosphere.

A love potion that doesn’t interfere with free will, but rather works quite well with consent. Please always tell your partner what you are giving them while taking this love potion, I promise you, it will be more fun if they know what to expect. This will open up heartfelt communication for you and your lover. It has been reported to work immediately by some and take a little time to build up in others. The effects are mild, yet incredibly effective once touch and communication come into play.

Witchcrafted with 3 year oak barrel aged Brandy, Pacific Northwest Wildflower Honey, and Organic herbs of Damiana, Rose, Muira Puama, Cinnamon, Hawthorn Berry, Hibiscus, Epimedium, and Vanilla Bean. Delicately tended to over a 3 Moon cycles to allow a slow and sensual infusion to take place.

Directions for Use

Take one dropper full directly on the tongue, in wine or water. Take up to and no more than 3 dropper fulls per day. If you are prone to hives or have allergies, please do a test drop before use.


This Elixir is meant for all types of lovers, the label shows both a male and female to show that is works for both male and female body systems.

This is also an Elixir that can be enjoyed for solo use. It adds the same warming lusty feelings for self pleasure and other heart opening self love rituals.

ELIXIR D'AMORE / Aphrodisiac Elixir / Sexual and Sensual Vitality


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