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Your energy cleansing candle will be your essential for your cleansing rituals, in order to promote a pleasant environment and a serene mind. If you have just moved in, or if you have the feeling of a heavy atmosphere, that nothing is working as you wish, light your candle, then let the energies work.

It frees the mind from limiting thoughts and removes energy blockages, circulating stagnant energies.It is essential to clean your home regularly, but also before each ritual or intention.


Selenite purifies the air and the environment while promoting relaxation


Rock crystal purifies the aura and amplifies the properties of the minerals that surround it.


Himalayan salt known for its purifying, soothing properties and its ability to keep bad energies at bay.


Perfume: powdery scents, guaiac wood, violet, musk, tonka bean, rose and cyclamen.

When to use your energy cleaning candle:

Your energy cleaning candle can be used when you feel the need to purify your environment. It helps you free your living space or body from negative energies. Trust how you feel!
Every day, events or thoughts accumulate in us, in our places of life and influence our way of being. To stay as close as possible to your joy and balance, your energy cleaning candle is your best friend. If you have just moved in, integrated new equipment, if you feel a heavy atmosphere or you are going through a difficult time, your decorated candle will support you.

The large glass of 250 ml

The color of the minerals varies slightly from one arrival to another and can have inclusions, asperities that are normal and are an integral part of the stone, and that do not alter its powers.



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