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A potent antiviral elixir that will become your first line of defense against acute illness!

As a truly impressive & complex formula, the hard work and research has been done; eons of herbal medicine knowledge condensed down into a convenient bottle so you can tackle cold and flu season! Famed Elderberry, historic Boneset, and fragrant Angelica are the all stars in this blend, providing the antiviral and immunostimulating backbone.

Supported by Ginger, Barberry, and Licorice, Fever Dream specifically targets the common symptoms and pathological development of general acute illness.

When taken after exposure or at the original onset of symptoms, this blend can effectively support the body's natural defenses against sickness.



Take 2 droppers every hour following exposure and/or onset of symptoms. Not for chronic or long-term use; limit use to 7 days or less.



Ingredients: Cane alcohol, Filtered water, *Angelica root, Boneset leaf/flower, *Elderberry, licorice root, ginger root *Barberry root, Local honey.  

*Denotes home grown or wildcrafted


30ml Glass bottle.



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