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The Great Lady~ Goddess who gives life and fertility to the Earth~ May she look kindly upon you.

At the Altar of Freyja awaits all-encompassing love and the very heart of magic. If she calls you there will be signs. Falcons and cats will make their presence known to you. Flowers will catch your eye. The realms of the unseen will speak in both spiritual and physical ways that whisper on the wind.

Goddess Freyja is a divine embodiment of love, power, and wisdom, war, sensuality, sexuality, and a revered figure whose presence transcends time and space, inspiring devotion and reverence among mortals and immortals alike.

Freyja, the revered Goddess of the Vanir, radiates a brilliance and splendor that ignites the fervor within the hearts of humanity. Her presence exudes a sensual energy that captivates all who encounter her, while her profound wisdom and astuteness reveal a woman of great authority and erudition. She has mastered the ancient art of Seidr, an ancient form of witchcraft and shamanic practice. Like an ethereal wanderer, Freyja traverses the nine realms, assuming various guises and aliases, leaving behind a trail of tears that glisten like golden embers transformed into amber. She embarks on this journey, driven by her relentless pursuit of her beloved spouse, Odr. Legend tells that Odr is none other than the divine Odinn himself, a wanderer of boundless spirit and a poet of immense prowess. These intertwining souls are united by their shared mastery of Seidr. It is said that Freyja, the enchantress, bestowed upon Odinn the secrets of this ancient craft during his quest for enlightenment.

Freyja beckons us to embrace our innate beauty and personal power, as she presides over the cycles of death and rebirth of the spirit. She remains a steadfast companion during our profound spiritual metamorphosis, infusing us with the resilience and audacity to embrace our authentic selves in their raw, untamed state. Freyja invokes the warrior goddess within us, guiding us to fortify our minds, bodies, and souls.

This tea was created in ritual with rune songs to guide you within. Witch crafted on Freyja’s day and in her hour on a waxing moon, this tea lives to serve this sacred Goddess. Lovingly blended with the finest organic ingredients of Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, Oatstraw, Stevia, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Orange Peel, Elderflower, Linden Leaf & Flower, Spearmint, Apple, Apricot, and three Baltic Amber pieces.

The amber pieces will be on top of your tea inside the bag or jar. Simply take them out, rinse them, and place them on your altar until you are ready to brew tea. When you make your tea, add the three pieces to your hot cup to brew with your tea. Strain them out after 15 minutes and save them for reuse. You can use them multiple times until they dissolve.

This herbal blend is meant as a devotional offering to her and to yourself. You may leave this blend in a bowl or in the vessel in comes in on your altar. You may also brew this tea for yourself and others to embody the essence of Freyja.

As tea, simply brew 1 tablespoon per cup of tea for 15 minutes. Follow the above instructions for the amber pieces. After your tea is done, take the flowers out to your garden and sprinkle them on the ground as another devotional act to Freyja.

This tea is not only delicious but a powerhouse of herbs that nourish the body with essential whole herb vitamins and minerals. Each herb works with the body to boost the immune system, aid digestion, lower inflammation, and help the skin to glow invoking the timeless beauty of Freyja.

*Caffeine Free



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