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Since our first glance up at this glowing Mother of the Sky, we have connected to her, felt her influence and have been drawn to her ever changing glow. We feel her influence on our Mind, Body and Spirit. She pulls at us, as she does the tides and guides us to go deeper into our own inner mystery. She encourages us to do the inner work so that we may emerge renewed and brighter than ever.



Dark Moon Mother, with your gift of release, Come, so that I may surrender to thee. Into the darkness of thy soul, I shall find Peace, In the Beauty of thy Shadow I shall be free. Mother of the Dark Moon hear these Sacred Rites, as they dance upon my tongue this Dark Starry Night.


-Dark Moon Rite Incense is made on a Monday in the hour of the Moon on the Dark Moon~ Graced with the Magick of Black Storax, Sandalwood, Mugwort, Poppy Seed, Dragon's Blood and Alder Leaf.

-The Dark Moon Energy offers us the chance to Journey into the Dark areas of our Mind, Body and Spirit~

This Energy is great for working with the Journey of thyself, letting go and making way for new beginnings~

A time to shed old habits and skin to renew ourselves~

This is the time to honor the Crone stage and Dark Moon Goddesses such as Hekate and more, depending on your path. Honor the Darkness in you and do not push it away, embrace it, love it and truly become one with your spirit~







Oh Ancient Mother so Full of


I call upon your Wisdom and Power.

I ask for your Blessing in my

Magical Rite.

I cast my incantations upon your sacred hour.

Intertwine our Energy and lend me your Light Ancient Mother so Full and



-The Full Moon Rite Incense is made on a Monday (aka Moonday) during the Hour of the Moon, on the Full Moon. Graced with the magick of Jasmine, Benzoin, Chamomile, Mugwort and Myrrh~


-The Magick of the Full Moon is Powerful, Primal and Intoxicating with her beautiful porcelain glow. She is in her Full Mother stage offering the most potent Magick , it is at this time that we draw down her Energy to aid us in our Magical Workings of Releasing, Creating and Recharging our bodies with her Healing power.





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