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Grains of Paradise (aframomum melegueta) are a powerful magical ingredient. They’re also known as guinea pepper or alligator pepper. They are a common element for the respected ancestors, or Egungun, in Lucumi.


Eight pieces of coconut, Red Palm oil, and a single grain of each piece are used to make a ritual offering. Guinea pepper is also said to help with divination.

As a Gris-Gris or herbal spell for safety, wrap the grains in a piece of red cloth and bind it up with an image of St. Michael, according to Hoodoo folk magic.

For good luck and success, you can place them in your mouth or your shoe. To assure your success when asking for loans and jobs, you can spit them around a bank, court, or a prospective employer’s site.


Many magical practitioners employ them in lust-inducing food charms. Simply put them in your pocket or under the bed to accomplish this. Grains of Paradise, like any good magical spices, can be used for blessing and removing curses and hexes. The following formula is intended to both honour and protect your ancestors.


Magickal Blessings,




10g paper bag
200ml glass jar



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