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Mojo bags are called by various other names; mojo hand, gris-gris, root bag, and conjure bag. These magic amulets are always carried secretly in a pocket, purse, or are pinned to the underside of clothing, and are commonly worn for a wide array of purposes: good luck, money drawing, attracting love, successful employment, and protection, to just name a few.

A mojo bag is a small red flannel pouch, filled with natural and magical items, I use an odd number of ingredients which will include some assortment of herbs, roots, minerals, and zoological curios depending on the mojo's purpose.

When I create mojo bag for a client, I sew the bag, assemble the ingredients, pray over the bag, and then further personalize it to the new owner.

Once this is done, the bag is "fed" to activate it, I anoint the mojo bag with a special Condition Oil.

Once the bag is fed and working, folks will then either carry the conjure bag or place it in the right place for the bag to do its job.

Whether you carry or put your bag is a personal decision, you would carry near your wallet or in your purse to bring in monetary success. 

Your mojo bag should be treated with care and respect.

Give your mojo bag a name and speak to it to ask it to work on your behalf.

Keep it as close to you as possible, wearing it next to your skin and sleeping with it under your pillow at least the first 7 days.

Once a week, feed the mojo bag.

Each mojo bag kit includes a bottle of oil to "feed" it. 

Feeding can be done by dabbing 4 spots of the oil on the bottom part of your bag, or as recommended in the personal instructions given to you.

Your mojo bag should never be touched by anyone else or opened by any circumstances.

Touched by another person or opened will kill a mojo bag. If this happens, it should be remade or replaced.

A wise person would secretly place over the doorway or in a common area of the house to keep domestic problems a way just to say some examples.
All you need is a candle, your mojo bag, the Condition Oil it came with.

The rest of the instructions will be with the mojo bag as is custom made.

Your mojo bag is personal, and it should be treated so. DO NOT allow anyone to handle your mojo or open it! Keep it in a safe place.

Gris Gris New Orleans


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