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Infused with happiness A beautiful blend of herbs and botanicals, the intentions that I set and reiki infused are designed to help your spell or ritual.


Made with magical properties to lift depression and or low feelings, to bring in joy, laughter, love and new friends.


Place the candle on your fire safe plate and as you light the candle set your intention out loud to bring back your happiness, joy, laughter and connect with soul friends.


Suggestions: if you are using the happiness candle for friends, write down what type of friends you wish to have in your life ( for example a gym friend or best friend ) onto a bay leaf. Burn the bay leaves with the happiness candle.


Allow the candle to burn to the end for magic to be done.


Each candle has reiki energy throughout the process of making them. Relax in the healing energies of Reiki.


A suggestion to say while lighting the candle is


I call within me all happiness, joy and love feelings and the possibilities of experiencing all of this and more. I open myself to joy and laughter. I open myself to love. I open myself to harmony and appreciation of the earth around me.

So mote it be.


Will receive 4 wish candles

Happiness Spell Wish Candles


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