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Healing energy is what se holds, deep inside the core is something so magical we could never create. Beeswax hold so much plant energy for mother Earth herself and then I have added herbs for the energy and essence they carry.

Candle therapy to help you heal on your journey in this life.

Concentrate on the flame as it burns letting go all that no longer serves you and welcome in the new.

Infused with powerful healing herbs you just need to set the intention of healing the mind, body and soul.

Feedback is the healing energies work between one and four days.

The recommend crystal to add is clear quartz, the master healer.

Light the candle and say

By Earth and Air, Fire and Water. So shall you hear my call.

Powers of birth and rebirth, powers of silence and peace, heal my body and mind.

Candle infused with reiki energy to assist with your healing.

You will receive 4 wish candles 9 cm

Healing Wish Candles


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