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Heather Flowers (Calluna vulgaris) Is used in witchcraft for spells relating to new beginnings and self-discovery, enhancing physical beauty and bringing a peaceful resolution to any conflict.


Heather helps in summoning spirits and attracts faeries to the garden. Heather is a good plant to use to make besoms and can be added to midsummer fires to ensure the fertility of the attendants.


Heather flowers hold a prominent place within magickal practices. Across centuries, practitioners have woven spells with heather to mark new beginnings and facilitate journeys of self-discovery. Its essence is imbued with the power to enhance physical attraction and soothe turbulent conflicts, offering a harmonious resolution to arguments and drama.


As a talisman of initiation, heather stands as a guardian of thresholds, guiding seekers through rites of passage. Within the sanctum of the home, heather's presence beckons friendly spirits, weaving tranquility into the very fabric of domestic life. Keeping Heather about the house is believed to attract friendly spirits and bring peace to the household.


Carried close in a mojo bag or amulet, it said to attract positive energies, general good luck, and to protect against violence, and serves as a beacon for positive energies, drawing forth the gentle embrace of good fortune and warding against malevolent forces. In rituals, the smoke of burning heather mingles with fern, invoking the ancient magic of rain and nurturing the earth with its blessings. Heather's affinity for the spirit realm beckons ethereal beings, from ancestral guides to mischievous faeries, enriching gardens with their enchanted presence.


Crafted into besoms, heather sweeps away negativity, while its flames dance upon midsummer fires, ensuring the fecundity of the season's revellers. 





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