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Hecate, One of the Many Names for the Original Feminine Trinity Ruling Heaven, Earth and the Underworld
Ækáti - (Hecate or Hekate; Gr. Ἑκάτη, ΕΚΑΤΗ) Pronounced: æ-KAH-tee. or eh-KAH-tee.

Hecate was one of the many names for the original feminine trinity, ruling Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld. Or as sometimes stated the Earth, Sky and Sea. Hecate was called "Most lovely one", a title of the Moon. She was associated with the Moon in all three of her aspects. Some said she was Hecate Selene, the Moon in Heaven; Artemis the Huntress on Earth and Persephone the Destroyer in the Underworld. Sometimes she was part of the Queen of Heaven Trinity: Hebe the Virgin, Hera the Mother and Hecate the Crone.

For centuries she has guarded thresholds and liminal spaces. Those skilled in her ways have invoked her many names and many forms for their magical workings. Her names are spoken in the night when no light from the Moon shines upon flesh. Mistress of all magic. Goddess of the crossroads. Moon Goddess, Queen of the Night, Torch Bearer, Mistress of the Cosmos, Keeper of the Keys, Shape Shifter, Divine messenger between the mortal and divine spheres. She is the governess of all things Witchcraft and magic related. Whichever name you speak to summon her presence, do so with reverence. And wherever your path may lead you, may her torch always be your guiding light.

When we approach our own crossroad, Hecate is present with her torches and symbolism of transformation leading the way to inner self discovery. She lights the darkest caverns within our hearts, giving us the strength and will to transmute and transform anything that hinders our growth. Her wisdom rich underworld medicine can be seen, heard, and felt in as many forms as She, and once she knows that we have regained our strength, her torch goes out and she leaves you in the shadows to reignite the way with your own inner flame.

When working with her devotional oil, one can employ it for trance magic, death and rebirth rituals, Underworld travels, prophecy, protection, and path guidance and more. As you anoint your body with her devotional oil, as you speak the words from your own tongue to invoke her, allow your intuition to guide you. Anoint the crown of your head 3 times or the center of your chest 3 times. Simply apply your finger to the opening of the bottle and tip towards the ground to moisten your finger, 3 times. Listen for her call and witness her presence however she reveals herself to you. She speaks to you in many forms and sounds that you will no doubt recognize as her. As you recite her traditional hymns, or your own, you will sense Her.

This rite of self-anointing can be done every New Moon to connect to Her, before divination and other liminal space rituals, for dream prophecy, and all shadow work.
When seeking her protection or favor, offerings should be made. Those material offerings might include, garlic, poisonous plants, honey laced red wine, honey cakes, figs, leeks, honey, pomegranates. She also accepts offerings of poetry in her honor. Offerings can be placed upon her Altar any time you choose to pay homage, but more traditionally they are left on the New Moon and her other days of worship. Her Altars can be elaborate or simple, internal or external. How ever you honor Her, is entirely your own.

Hecate has several altar spaces within my home, guarding entrances, and one outdoor altar where regular New Moon offerings are made. This space does not see the Sun and stays in a constant state of shade facing the South. Hecate’s Devotional oil has been created in ritual in the deep stillness of the midnight hour in torch light on the New Moon, Three New Moons. Hymns recited with bare feet upon the ground. Offerings of Aconite, Belladonna, Pomegranates, Figs, Honey, Garlic and Leeks.

Each New Moo