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Hematite symbolizes anchoring, the ability to

live in the present moment, but is also synonymous with

self-confidence. LĽ Hématite is an invitation to

protect and calm one's own excesses, in order to

understand the origin.

Great psychological help, the hematite stone

accompanies women and supports them in their shyness.

More generally, this stone helps to gain respect and

builds self-confidence. Thus, hematite helps more

easily communicate, concentrate and consolidate

her thought. Hematite wards off stress as well as promotes

balance and self-affirmation.

Thanks to its properties, this mineral teaches patience as well

than self-transcendence. We also recommend

hematite to fight against addictions (smoking,

alcohol, bulimia, etc.) or deviant behavior. hematite

helps you stay focused and in control, develop

spontaneity, decisiveness and courage.

Dimension: 2.5 cm - 3.5 cm



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