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Protection is taking measures to preserve people and property, to ensure that no harm happens.Obsidian is a stone of protection of a very important force, it allows to protect them against negative energies like a shield.Lapis Lazuli can neutralize an evil spell that has been cast on you through speech, it has the power to lessen the effects of the curse, ward off spiritual attacks and much more, return them to the sender.


Magical plants have been selected for their protective properties, including St. John's wort, which is a powerful ingredient to protect the house, it was used in the Middle Ages to chase away evil spirits, hence its name "fuga daemonum", the hunt to hell. This plant is used to protect the house from entities, it is also burned to banish spirits.

Fragrance: cashmere and silk: floral and woody, notes of myrrh, artebrush and musk.

Size:.The large glass of 250 ml

The color of the minerals varies slightly from one arrival to another and may have inclusions, roughnesses that are normal and an integral part of the stone, and that do not alter its powers.



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